Meteorology and man

Friend while anxiously awaiting and getting worried about the impending cyclone(low pressure area according to the Meteorological dept)it is the infficiency of this agency that add to our woes.While on one hand T.N.C.A is crossing its fingers on the test match the dept seems to take things lightly and say” it will cross the coast onWednesday,again thursday morning,again thursday night or friday nornin and today they tell the T.V people it will cross the coast between Chennai and Machili patnam on 3rd dec earkly morning!even their prediction of rains occasional or intermittent or heavy has not happenrd till this evening.In U,S I have seen in an exclusive weather channel,predictions made for a whole week and even the quantum of ice-fall predicted.
Of course I am aware of lack of certain infra structure but it is certainly not the same as it was in 1985 to1988 when I was teaching meteorology as one of the subjects under ocanography and used to take my students to the Meterological dept fecilities in nungambakkam chennai almost every month.In 1999 when I returned from U.S with a book costing90cents in ‘Giant’ a deptal store there with 100 years of weather statistics and dos and don’ts.I pho to a senior meterlogical officer a woman suggesting such a publication from our country with sponsors like port trusts,Agricultural depts,P.W.D,Shipping companies,AirPorts Authority, Air lines etc so that it will be very useful not only to the agencies concerned bit also general public.Alas!She poo=poohed my idea and said nothing would come out of it but that individually she is interested in reading the book I brought.A lomng way to go both in mind set and infrastructure.If there is big money then sky is the limit for all concerned.Example I.T.O.K all the best P.K
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bodhimaram-appearances and the society

It’s said that first impressions take less than a minute to form. Every day, whether we are conscious of it or not, we leave almost indelible suggestions of ourselves in the minds of others. These suggestions are based on a multitude of factors and help others form opinions on our level of organization, our stamina, our self-respect, and our respect for others. Most people want to be seen in a positive light and one way to ensure this is to put your best foot forward.Your idea of finishing touch will be different from that of your friends and family. But, in the simple act of going a step further in your presentation of yourself, you will be able to demonstrate your respect for others and yourself, your attention to detail, your ability to organize and coordinate, your uniqueness, and your love of yourself.

I have already stated elsewhere, that you should learn to love yourself.

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bodhimaram – bodhi tree at bodhgaya

Click on the image below for the article:
Bodhi tree at Bodh Gaya

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bodhimaram – Raghavan Narasimhan Iyer’s works

For those not familiar with Professor Raghavan Narasimhan Iyer, he is a renowned economist, thinker, theosophian and prolific writer. Born on March 10, 1930 to Narasimhan and Lakshmi Iyer, this bright philosopher left his stamp in whatever he did. He left the illusoriness of this world on June 20, 1995. He made Santa Barbara his residence from 1965. A sneak peek into his life and works. I particularly like his article on Buddhi Yoga and Svadharma.
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bodhimaram-life has curves,twists,turns

Life is not and cannot be a straight line. Most of us are not able to recognize this, nor come to terms with this truth.

There are both long and short roads that are sometimes curved and sometimes straight. Enjoy and learn from the adventure. Often, when we look at nature, the beauty is in the unexpected. No two plants or minerals are exactly the same and even the smallest plants curve gracefully. The curving path is often the most interesting one. The lesson we can take from that is to avoid becoming attached to what “needs” to happen and to remain flexible as we continue on our journeys. If you are determined to achieve certain goals, you will achieve them, no matter how many twists and turns you must travel to do so.Wishing all of you, co-blogger, a very Happy Tamizh New Year(14-04-05) partha krish

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bodhimaram-You and Love

We’ve all heard it countless times before, “To experience true love, we first must love ourselves,” or some variation of such. However it is stated, the importance of self love is vital to becoming a healthy, whole, human being. We are all children of the universe, created out of love. We accept and love other people, animals, nature, all that comes from the same source as we do. We too then, are worthy of our own love. To honor oneself with love and acceptance is to honor the universe that created us.
To learn to love yourself, treat yourself the way you treat those you love. Be kind to yourself, giving yourself all that you need to be happy and healthy. Show yourself a good time by doing things you like. Eat well and take care of your body. Say nice things to yourself. Compliment and praise yourself, just as you would a friend, family member, or lover. Encourage yourself when you’re feeling
And most importantly, say the words that we all long to hear. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you.” This can be difficult, but it’s a powerful tool in acceptance and self love. It may not be easy, you may feel foolish at first, but you can do it. Even if you don’t feel it right away, keep doing it. Love yourself first and you will be able to truly love others and to be truly loved in return.

Love yourself ,You will love the Universe and get the Universal Love.

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bodhimaram – toonlightment

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